Residential pool + Spa



Our Integrity

The Logan Pool Service LLC is licensed and insured and a member of ASAPP.

Logan Pool Service has been selected for the 2013 and 2012  Best of Henderson Awards in the Pools, Spas & Saunas category by the Best of (UB).

Full Weekly Service

  • Weekly service.
  • Walls, steps and ledges are brushed.
  • The pool is netted of all debris.
  • The pool is vacuumed (when needed).
  • All Pump baskets, skimmer baskets and leaf catchers are emptied.
  • Inspect Pool equipment.
  • Test water each week. Chemicals are added when needed and your pool's PH is balanced.
  • Filter cleanings are a separate charge and are done quarterly.


Our Pool Cleaning Procedure

  • Brush pool walls and floor
  • Net pool of any organic or other debris
  • Vacuum pool floor and walls (as needed)
  • Empty all debris catching baskets
  • Inspect pool and pool equipment for proper operation

Your security

We secure all gate keys and never make copies. We always make sure that all access gates into your pool & yard are closed, latched & or locked as found. We value the safety of your property.

Chemical Service

  • Weekly service
  • Your water is tested. Chemicals are added when needed and PH is balanced.
  • Pool equipment is monitored and inspected.
  • Filters are cleaned/backwashed quarterly. 
    (*note: separate charge)


Green to Clean

Does your pool look like a swamp? Green pools are not only an eyesore, they can very quickly turn into a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria. If your pool is green, don't wait! Act now and call us. We will restore your pool to safe, swimming condition within 72 hours.

Test water for safe chemical levels

  • Monitor and maintain chlorine or salt levels in your pool to assure proper water hygiene
  • Adjust ph and alkalinity as needed
  • Check water level
  • Notify customer of any problem or issues found